My first blog post

So, here I am starting my first blog ever!!  I love photography and have for many, many years, but only became more serious with it in the last five years.  However, my sisters (and I’m sure they will see the blog) will say that I’ve had a camera in my hand for a lot longer and take too many shots of the ocean.  LOL!  They would be right, and even back then I loved taking pictures, but had not yet honed into what I wanted to create.  My first love of photography were landscapes, and still are.   I started out photographing lots of landscapes (i.e. ocean; mountains; flowers, etc) and I still enjoy a beautiful scene even if it is cliché, but I try to take landscapes using a different perspective.  In the last two years, I’ve been taking more portraits of children; couples, families and jewelry (for my friend, Sandy); and entering different contests.  I love learning new things when it comes to photography and enjoy talking to other photographers; taking classes and workshops; looking at online photographer sites and taking photographs.  I’m always looking for new opportunities and hoping this blog will help expand that.  So, please feel free to contact me if you’d like me to take photographs for any events as I’d love to provide you with some beautiful pictures while I also start building my portfolio.  And a special thanks to friends who have given me that opportunity already.

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