Hogue Family

I was able to take photos of this wonderful and sweet family near the end of November (2014) at Pleasant Grove Park in Fluvanna.  The weather had definitely become chiller, but Julie, Jamey and Emmett were all troopers.  Emmett was a typical 2 yr old with wanting to explore the entire area, yet I’m pleased with the shots I was able to get of him individually and with his parents.  My favorites and here and under the family tab.  As always, enjoy….


Smith Family

I’ve had the pleasure of taking photographs of this family in several different ways three times now.  They are always so much fun, down to earth and happy!!  Nico is an adorable and adventurous little one and I always seem to get the best shots of him near the end of the session.  I have a feeling he keeps Nikki and Ladi on their toes :-).  Some of my favorites from the shoot are here and under the Family tab.  As always, enjoy………….

Burgess Family – Take 2

I had the opportunity to photograph the Burgess Family again recently (first time in 2012). They are a very sweet and loving family and I was thrilled to capture their family.  I loved photographing the kids in more natural ways as I felt there personalities really came out and I got a few smiles :-).  I have my favorites posted here and under the Family tab.  As always, enjoy……

Nicole and Ladi

I had the honor and pleasure of photographing the wedding of Nikki and Ladi.  These two radiated with happiness on their big day and it was so nice to see two people who really love each other.  Though it started to rain as the ceremony began it did not damper their moods.  I appreciate Nikki and Ladi letting me photograph their special day.  I’ve included some of my favorite shots here and the rest are under the Weddings tab.  Enjoy!!

Swannanoa Ballerina’s

Here is another event I shot with my fellow CPI (Charlottesville Photography Initiative) photographers.  I did this last year, but focused more on the Swannanoa castle (which is amazing) then the ballerina’s then 🙂  I’m glad I was able to do this again as it was a lot of fun.  The girls are amazing with their talent and I enjoyed photographing them.  I’ve posted a few pictures here and the rest are under the Events tab.  Enjoy.


Ishan Gala Foundation

In August, along with fellow CPI (Charlottesville Photography Initiative) photographers I had the honor of photographing the Splash for a Cure Event at ACAC Waterpark.  This annual event by the Ishan Gala Foundation helps raise awareness, education and support for children affected by neuroblastoma, a rare childhood cancer.  It was an amazing and inspiring event that leaves one feeling happy for all the fun everyone had, hopeful for the children in remission and yet sad for those who lost their fight.  If you want to check out their website it is:  http://www.ishangala.org/index.cfm.  Here are a few pictures from the event with more under the events tab.  Enjoy.






Tiffany 4 yr photos (with Nick as well)

I took my daughter’s 4 yr photos a few weeks ago (granted I was about 2 1/2 mo later doing it).  They turned out well, but she is just a shy little thing, with barely looking into the camera.  I believe I got some good shots though.  And Nick just “hams it up” for the camera.  Such different children, but love them with all my heart.  Here are a few of my favorites with some others under the Children Category.  As always, enjoy……


I am way behind on my posting :-((  I took these pictures of Jazzy in early August.  It was different photographing someone older, not like young children where you have to snap fast:-)).  Here are my favorites, you can see some others under the “Babies and Children” category though Jazzy is a teenager :-))  As always, enjoy……..